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Impact of Inter-hemispheric Asymmetries of Field-Aligned Current on the Ionosphere-Thermosphere System: GITM-3Dynamo Simulations

Presented on: June 24, 2021

Presented at: CEDAR Workshop

Presented by: Yu Hong, Yue Deng, Qingyu Zhu, Astrid Maute, Delores Knipp, Cheng Sheng, Daniel Welling, Ramon Lopez


The inter-hemispheric asymmetries in the Earth’s high-latitude I-T system can be predominant during geomagnetic storms, which might be raised by the asymmetric magnetospheric forcing, i.e., electric field and particle precipitation. In this study, we apply the NCAR 3Dynamo to specify the inter-hemispherically asymmetric electric potential driven by the AMPERE observed FACs. The electric potential pattern is then utilized to drive the GITM to simulate the asymmetric consequences in the I-T system between the two hemispheres. We focus on the May 2010 event: (1) the inter-hemispheric magnetospheric forcing measured by AMPERE are examined at first; (2) Then we employ the FACs derived electric potential to drive GITM for quantifying the effects caused by asymmetric forcing on the I-T system quantities such as the Joule heating; (3) Furthermore, we analyze the BY effects of the asymmetric FACs to the I-T system.

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