Magnetospheric Currents with Ramon Lopez

Written by Alexa Halford

The magnetosphere and ionosphere are always full of exciting drama, high energy mergers, transfer of power, and lots of current affairs. Okay that may be anthropomorphizing the magnetosphere and ionosphere a bit too much. But it is really very exciting things to watch. Currents low around and through the magnetosphere. CUSIA team member Ramon Lopez gave an overview of all the currents through the magnetosphere at the magnetosphere seminar and you can watch it here.

CUSIA team members are very interested in currents as often they are not symmetric. This asymmetry has huge impacts throughout the geospace system! And space is big – so this is a big exciting, dare I say even compelling problem that many are working on and researching. Check out our CAM articles on currents and please contribute and comment to help expand our knowledge, understanding, and identify the known knowns, the known unknowns, and eventually our current unknown unknowns.

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