Want to contribute to the Capabilities Assessment Matrix (CAM)?

Great! There are two ways to contribute:

Discuss Existing Articles

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Because the CAM is a dynamic knowledge base, many of the existing articles will be incomplete. Log in to the CUSIA website to gain access to the comment section. Your voice matters: comments on each article will be used to update the CAM. Alternatively, join our Slack channel and discuss articles there. The link is available in your CUSIA user dashboard once you log in to this site.

Author New Article

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Sometimes, the CAM will be missing a whole topic, or one entry will grow until it needs to be broken up into multiple articles. These cases require writing a new article. We’ll make contributing as easy as possible. Remember that CAM articles can be short - they are not review papers! They will grow with time, so “seed” articles are very important contributions!

How to write a new CAM Article

Step One - Find a topic

Find a topic that is not addressed in the CAM, or that is buried in a different article but should be pulled out.

We encourage you to discuss the article in the Slack channel! You’ll get feedback and potential partners to help write. We can also answer any questions you may have.

Step Two - Brainstorm and Draft

How do you describe the asymmetric feature or process covered by this CAM entry? What are the causes and effects of this asymmetry? Are there any images or references that you should include?  

To help with the drafting process, we’ve provided this template to help. Again, discussion on the Slack channel is encouraged.

Step Three - Add Keywords

The CAM links articles together using keyword terms that describe the causes and effects of asymmetries.  Keywords and CAM articles are related via the following sentences: 

Asymmetric [keyword term] causes [title of CAM article].

[title of CAM article] causes interhemispheric asymmetries in [keyword term].

Consider what ones are relevant for your article from this list.

The keyword terms will be revised and expanded as the CAM grows, so don’t despair if you do not find what you’re looking for. We’ll be continually talking about the keyword list in the Slack channel; please join!

Step Four - Submit!

Submission is done via this form.

Once you hit the submit button, we will look over your article, discuss it, and work with you to iron out any issues that may arise. After that, we will post it on the CAM for all to see.

Good luck, and thank you for being a force multiplier!