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Modern science doesn't fully understand the nature of interhemispheric asymmetries

Space weather affects our planet differently in the northern and southern hemispheres

Contemporary theory and modeling tools can’t help us understand why... Yet

That's where we come in

CUSIA is an inclusive place for the geospace community to connect, collaborate, and develop open resources to advance our understanding of interhemispheric asymmetries.
Join our pioneering community to build a network of interhemispheric asymmetry knowledge across geospace, develop new leaders and innovators, and cultivate opportunities to share transformative ideas.

Reality Vs. Simulation

Comparing what we see to what models can simulate

Interhemispheric asymmetries require broad system level understanding and CUSIA's Capabilities Assessment Matrix (CAM ) enables us to do so. The CAM compares a range of scientific observations to modeling capabilities of current state-of-the-art global and coupled models (none of which can properly account for Earth's interhemispheric asymmetries). Mapping our current understanding and modeling capabilities of interhemispheric asymmetries, the CAM provides our community the ability to quickly and confidently identify, prioritize, and pivot our efforts to address our most pressing scientific questions.

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Example CAM post

IMF By Component

Intrinsic Source of Asymmetry

Relative Importance of Asymmetry - Primary

Modeling Capability:

All global MHD models can include IMF By in the solar wind time series that drive the code. Many aspects of asymmetry produced by IMF By, such as shear in the Birkeland current patterns and asymmetric potential distributions, are captured to some extent by the global codes. However, inner magnetosphere codes that depend on the polar ionosphere current use only the northern hemisphere solution.


IMF By included in input to MHD code


IMF By included in input to MHD code


IMF By included in input to MHD code


IMF By included in input to MHD code

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